Thursday, July 30, 2009

20 useful tips for beginners in evony online

Evony is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy game (MMORTS). In Evony you have to make many strategic decisions on what to do and what not to. In Evony , in the beginning you will be presented with a level 1 city. You have to build buildings and troops to gain "prestige".Here is a list of some random tips for beginners in evony.

1.Strictly follow the questline.In the beginning strictly follow the questline. This is most essential in getting success in evony online .This is because the amount of resource required to complete a quest is mostly compensated by the quest award. As an example we can say that, if there is a quest to upgrade a cottage to level 2, then if the upgrade is requires X amount of resource, then the quest award will also be more or less X amount of resouce. This way you will not fall into shortage of resources and continuously upgrade your buildings and gain prestige.

2.Use free speed ups as much as possible. In evony, when you are upgrading your building , a "speed up" button will appear . For upgrades that takes less than 5 mins. of "base time" you can hit the speed up button and the speed up will be completed instantly without consuming any primary or secondary guideline. You can get free speed ups upto level 4 farms, level 3 sawmills and quarry, and level 2 iron mines.

3.Join an alliance. After you reach 2500 prestige in evony ,create an embassy and join a good alliance. most top alliance do not recruit members with very low prestige so do not join before you reach at least 1000. Use your map to check your neighbors belongs to which alliance.If you see most of your neighbors belongs to a certain alliance then join that alliance, this will prevent attacks from your neighbors. Also check if the alliance is within top 15, preferably top 10. Joining top alliances will also save you from getting attacked.

4. Participate in alliance chat to get help. Chat with the other alliance members in the alliance chat window. Chat is the most exiting feature in evony online, which makes it very special than other online MMORPG. In alliance chat the color of the text will be blue. Ask questions to other members if you get stuck at certain point and can not decide what to do. They may even help you by sending resources if you are having low resource problem. But do not ask for resources repeatedly.

5.Check your questline repeatedly and claim the awards for any completed quest. I just can not put enough emphasis on how important it is to follow the quest line, so I am repeating the point again.

6.Do the no resource quests. Complete the evony ingame quests like changing flag, comforting, tax change as early as possible. These quests does not consume any resource or time, but gives you prestige and resource as awards instantly.

7. Create resource fields as per questline. Create resource fields as per the quest line and use the free speedups. But do not overdo it. Keep enough free resource at hand so that you can start the next quests. Try to create maximum lumber fields as lumber is the most heavy demand resource. Proper resource is the main tricky part in evony.

8. Create academy and do some research . Academy lets you do research.Each research gives you some extra benefits. Whenever you have some gold check the questline and do complete some research according to the quest line. Always try to run a research along with building upgrades. This will generate prestige at much faster rate.

9.Claim your free packages. Click on the gift icon in the upper left corner of the screen and claim the free packages given to you. Then click "my Items" below the image of the lord(you). Then go to the tab "Chest" and expand the "junior medal box" and "senior medal box" packages. This will give you lots of goodies and give you promotion to the knight rank. Knight is very essential requirement for starting the second city.

10. Recruit a high politics hero as mayor of your city. Create an inn and a feasting hall when you have enough resource. In the inn there will be available hero names and attributes whome you can recruit. Recruit a hero with politics attribute at least 50. If none available then try after some time, the heros keeps changing time to time. After recruiting him go to feasting hall and appoint him as mayor. A mayor with good politics rating is extremely important as building time is reduced with the politics rating of the mayor. More politics your mayor has , the less time requires for buildings. In evony , a recruiting a good hero makes a lot of difference between a good player and a bad player.

12.Try researching construction at academy. Research "construction" at the academy at soon you meet the requirements. Each construction research reduce the building time by 10%, so it's huge advantage to have as many construction research as possible. Though,it is not possible for absolute beginners, as you require at least level 5 academy to start construction research, but the more early you can start it more benefits you will get.

13.Do not upgrade your town hall to level 5 within 7 seven days of starting the game. There is a special feature called "Beginner's protection or BP". This means nobody can attack you within first 7 days. This is the ideal time for building the defenses. But , Beginner's protection expires, if you upgrade your town hall to level 5 for first 7 days.

14.Spin the wheel of fortune to win goodies. Go to "My Items"(below your image) and then "Chest" tab. Click on the amulate and hit apply. It will start the wheel of fortune and and pick up a random goody each time. You can spin all the amulate or keep some for later use.

15. Claim your daily quest every day. Ecah day of your game play you will be awarded a free amulate. Go to quests, then "Daily quest" tab and click "get award" to claim the amulate.

16.Maintain your population. Build cottages to increase population. To keep all your resource fields at 100% production rates, you have keep your population high enough. You can check the current population at the right hand panel with icon of people. The number in black is the total available population and the number in green is the idle population. If the idle population goes red , that means you don't have enough people to run all the resource fields at 100% productivity.

17.What to do when the idle population goes red. If your population goes below the required number, then reduce the tax rate to 0 .this will increase the loyalty within short time (100 - Tax rate =loyalty) . The loyalty you have the more people will come to your city.This method takes some time to increase loyalty. Another way of increasing loyalty/population is to do "comforting". Go the "overview" then comforting tab, select "disaster relief" to increase loyalty by 5 instantly. After some time more people will come back to your city. Do not forget to upgrade your cottages

18.Set your production rates to 100%. Go to "overview", then production. There you will see one textbox each for 4 types of resources. Set all of them to 100.

19. Conquer a nearby valley. You must have a rally point and a 2nd hero in your feasting hall. Create at least 10 scouts in your barrack and 100-200 warrior. Now go to map and scroll the map and find a level 1 valley. A valley refers to grasslands,deserts,lake,swamps etc. etc , anything other than city. If you mouse over each valley it will show the level of the valley. Click on a level 1 valley and click scout. Select the number of scouts you want to send. After some time you will receive the scout report (bottom left control panel). Open the report and you can see how many troops are defending that flat. Click "location details" in the lower part of the report. Again click on the valley that you scouted and click attack. Select all your troops and select the hero whome you want command the attack. Send troops at least 3 times the defending troops in the valley. After some time your army will conquer your first valley.

20. Again check the quest and claim all the unclaimed awards.

I hope this will help the beginners to play the game better and gain prestige faster.



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