Friday, September 11, 2009

How to level up your heros in evony online game

In Evony online game the the higher attributes your heroes have the more advantage you have in the gameplay.
thus it is extremely useful to know how to level up your heroes quickly. to level up your heroes you have to add experience points to your heroes. When your hero get a certain amount of experience you can go to feasting hall and click "view" on that hero and click "upgrade". Each upgrade gives one attribute point which you can add to his politics , attack or intelligence.

Now there are two ways to add experience point to a hero.
1. Setting him as the mayor of your city. When you set a hero as mayor he gains experience point automatically. So, your high politics hero(when set as mayor) gains experience without much of your effort.
2. For attack hero and intelligence heroes you have to gain experience by attacking other player cities or NPC's (barbarian city). Attacking player cities does have some "side effect" that they may attack you back or you don't have too many enemy cities around.
Thus , it's best practice that you attack NPC's again and again. NPC's (non player city or barbarian city) are system generated city. When you attack and plunder NPC's you get a very good amount of resource(mainly food) and good lot of experience points for your hero. After you plunder an NPC it start regeneration of the resource and regenerate to it's full resource after 8 hours( fortification comes back after 1 hour). So , you can attack the same NPC every 8 hour and gain lot of resource and experience points for your hero.



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