Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10 interesting ways to annoying your enemy in evony

Here I am discussing some tips to piss off your enemy without actually attacking him in evony online game. These steps will create a psychological pressure on your enemy and make him commit mistakes when you make a real attack on him. In the game of evony online game, the defenders get more advantage than the attacker because when someone attacks you then he has to fight with your wall defense , but if you attack against your enemy then you have to fight against his wall defense. So , its a very good idea if you can lure your enemy to attack you , instead of you attacking him.
1.Hate mails - This is the most common and widely used technique to piss off your enemy in evony online game.Your hate mails make him angry and tempt him to attack you with whatever he has. The greatest benefit of this hate mails are, if he replies to you, then you know he is online and don't do any real attack on him until he goes offline.
2.World chat - Tell abusive words to him and his alliance in world chat. If he replies then you know he is online in the game.
3.Give his coordinates in world chat - write the coordinates of his weakest city and tell everyone ask everyone to attack him. You may declare some award of game resources or gamecents to anyone who successfully finds or attacks him.
4. Attack and take his valleys - This is another very effective way to make him weak, in the game of evony. If you take his valleys then he won't be getting any benefits from the valleys. But don't keep his valley. Conquer and abandon, this will make the valleys regenerate the troops and he will have more trouble getting it back.
5. Farm his npc's very often - If his cities are close to your city then farm his npc's. He won't get his resources from npc's and become weak as he won't have enough food to keep large army, because the only way you can have large army in evony online game is to get lots of food from npc's.
6.Attack him with a very large camp time - Launch an attack using 1 warrior and a very large camp time such as 300 hours. This is make the red bird( attack alert) flashing for 300 hours. He will be annoyed at first then will stop checking (hopefully) the attack alerts. So, when you launch a real attack he won't know it and can not call for reinforcements.
7. Fill up all flats near him with very high level or very low level npc's - this one is lengthy process. If you can fill all nearby flats of his cities with very level 9 NPC ( since level 9 NPC gives same amount of loss as level 10,but  a lot less resource, thanks to "mrballista"for pointing out) or very low level(1,2) npc's , then he won't be able to farm them .
8. Launch attacks on him and recall just before the attack strikes at the last moment - Launch attacks on him with large army. Probably he will call for reinforcements from his alliances. Then recall your troops just before the attack strikes.
9.Scout him hundreds of times with 1 scout - If you scout him many time with just 1 scout ,then he will be getting hundreds of "scouting attempts" reports every day.
10. Attack him with very low amount of troops - If you attack him with a very low amount of troop which can be very easily defeated by him , then that will make him think that you are a noob player and don't have much army to defend. he will be tempted to attack you . Attacking him multiple times with just 1 pike and a hero will make his war report filled with "plunder reports". Do this with low quality hero otherwise your good heroes will be captured by him(If he keeps his gates open).

These are the few tactics I have learned while playing the game for annoying the enemy. Please contribute your own ideas in comments.



thats retarted to fill up his valleys with lvl 10s npcs, make them 9, they are more useless

Thanks mrballista for pointing out this error, made the correction to the post.

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