Monday, August 6, 2012

Attack from Ghost city : Another great method to irritate your enemy

Attacking from ghost city is a fun way to mess with your enemy in evony online MMO game. In this method your enemy wont even know the name of the player who is attacking him, he will just see the bird flashing on his screen for a long time . Your enemy may thing that this is a glitch and stop checking the attack warning, and you can hide your real attacks on him .
  In this is method , the you take a city , launch an attack with 1 worker , preferably with a long camp time , then after launch  abandon the city and convert it to NPC. Since , you have NPCed your city the enemy wont know your name , but will be very surprised to see that an NPC is attacking him. After some time he may stop giving attention to the flashing bird thinking that its a glitch and you take this opportunity to launch real attacks.

For other interesting ways to annoy your enemy , visit 10 interesting ways to annoy your enemy.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Instant troop requirements in Evony

In evony it is possible to build troops instantly if the the level of Military Science , Metal casting and most importantly attack of your hero is high enough. You can build troops in 0 seconds based on the attack of your hero, literally.
Below is a table of calculation for , what type of troops you can build instantly at what level of Military Science, Metal Casting , hero attack combination.

Table based on the formula of: (base time)*.9^(technology level)*.995^(hero attack) < 1 to equal 0 seconds, as the game rounds time down.
Instant Troops

Evony Instant troops calculation table

In this table the 
  • top row MS/MC represents level of Military Science / Metal  Casting . Therefore first column indicates MS/MC at level 0 and second column indicates MS/MC at level 2 and so on.
  • The rows indicate different troop/unit types. Below the name of each type of troops  is how long, in seconds, it would require to train without any technology or hero bonuses. Moving farther downward, it is in the order designated in-game, and not solely by base time.
  • The coordinating values indicate the level of attack the mayor of the city training troops/units must be to attain instant-train ability. The table specifies every troop/unit, and recognizes any level of technology.

For example ,
If you have a 700 attack hero and Military Science and Metal casting both at level 10 , you can train warriors and workers instantly, as many amount of troops you want because each single unit will be trained in 0 seconds, provided you don't run out of resource or population. If you use Excalibur, you can train pikemen and even swordsmen in no time, having then an attack of 875. As the attack of your hero increases you can start training other units instantly too.

Advantages of instant army
You can build your army with just a single barrack in your city and rest of the space assigned to cottages. Since all the army are built at0 seconds there is no need for keeping multiple barracks, so delete the barracks except keeping only one and build cottages in that space so that you don't run out of population.
In a nutshell if this is the requirement for the attack hero to build instant troops Instant troops:


  • Warriors: 432
  • Workers: 571
  • Scouts: 709
  • Pikesmen: 790
  • Swordsmen: 871
  • Archers: 959
  • Cavalry: 1,030
  • Transporters: 1,168
  • Cataphract: 1,249
  • Ballistae: 1,388
  • Battering Ram: 1,468
  • Catapults: 1,526
Also your political hero with very high politics can build wall defense instantly. Below is the table of requirement of hero politics to build instant wall defense , given that your techs are at level 10.

Instant Wall defences: 


  • Traps: 607
  • Abatis: 745
  • Archer Towers: 826
  • Rolling Logs: 965
  • Trebuchet: 1,066

Credits : Diamondragan

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Exchange reinforcement to prevent getting drafted in evony

Exchange reinforcement to prevent getting drafted in evony.
This post is going to be the shortest but one of the most essential tip in evony age II. Most players get into problem of getting drafted from high level HC's (level 14, level 16 or the Atlantis). To avoid getting drafted follow this simple trick
1) find a player of your alliance who has a city nearby.
2)send your troops to his city and also tell him to reinforce your city(optional).
now since reinforced troops can not be drafted both your troops and your friends troops will be safe from drafting. Also if you keep the troops reinforced into nearby city , you can recall them quickly when you want to attack anyone.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Evony Age II hero gear system

Workshop pt 1
Info about "The Workshop" and gear upgrading.
Gear can only be worn by heroes lvl 10 and up.
Heroe Lvl Gear lvl
0-9 no gear
10-19 lvl 1
20-29 lvl 2
30-39 lvl 3
40-49 lvl 4
50-59 lvl 5
60-69 lvl 6
and so on.......I'm sure you get the idea.
Each upgrade to a piece of equipment will downgrade it's star lvl by one (more on that in a bit)

Workshop pt 2
Creating equipment
Workshop lvl determines the lvl of equipment you can create.
Always start with creating the charm and ring first as they have 2 slots on your heroe for only makung one.
Mount Training increases your armies movement speed.
It takes materials, and armour scripts to build the equipment.
Each upgrade enhances the bonus associated with that piece of equipment.

workshop pt 3
Equiping Equipment
When you build a piece of equipment, all heroes have access to it, it is not just one piece for one heroe.
You can specify what that equipment enhances on the heroe for each individual heroe.
Politics, Attack, or Intelligence
You equip the equipment in each individual heroes attribute window. (One click works best)
And if you like you can always change what the equipment is giving a bonus to for every heroe.

workshop pt 4
Star Power
Flawless and Delicate Gems increase Star Power
This part is kind of like gambling, and sometimes really annoying.
I think star power can go to lvl 20....or something like that.
the more gems you use the better chance of the star upgrade working, but be warned if it doesnt work you may be starting all over again.
There is a set lvl each failure will take you back down depending on what lvl you are currently trying to get, but I don't know these values off hand.

workshop pt 5
Star Power
Be warned the higher the lvl you are going to, the higher the fail rate, and the bigger the penalty.
Thankfully Delicate and Flawless Gems are easy to get.

Materials (where to get)
Armour Scripts - Wheel Of fortune, NPC'S, or you can buy in the store.
Materials (iron ore, wood, etc.) - Wheel Of fortune, in-store , from NPC'S.
Gems - Wheel Of fortune, in-store, and NPC'S....lot's from NPC'S
I hope this makes sense to everyone

Monday, January 30, 2012

Get 8 mil resource within an hour

Attacking valleys is a great way to generate resource in Evony . But to get resource you have to attack the valley without conquering the valley. if you attack a valley with your valley slot full then you wont be able to capture the valley but you will get 300-600k resource from that valley.
Again if you capture a valley and then release it then the valley will regenerate the resource and troops within it. Thus you need two cities near a lvl 10 forest or hill.
1) Send 30k archers, 1 work,war,sc,pike,sword,cav,phract from the first city with valley slot full. As the valley slot is full this attack will not be able to capture the valley but well get the resource. you will get 300 K to 600 K lumber or iron from each attack.
2)Send another attack with one scout from the other city (with a open city slot ) to capture and abandon the valley . these attack will regenerate the Valley immediately with the source and troops.

The big wave will bounce back, but will loot the valley, then when your scout lands it will capture the valley.Immediately abandon the valley.
This way, if you go on repeating the waves in sequence with camp time of 1 min, then with every attack from the first city you will get you 300 K to 600 K resorts each time.

Resource lost due to archer loss

the max loss in lvl 10 valley, from
1 hit = 500-1000 archers.
60hits = 30k - 60k archers - that is a loss of 10.5mill - 21million wood and iron. average = 15.75 mill

the mini loss in lvl 10, from
1 hit = 0 archers, 1 cav, 1 sword, 1 pike, 1 phract
60 hits = 0 archers 60 cav, 60 sword, 60 pike, 60 phract - so around 5000 res loss...

the average is 15.75million + 5000 /2 = 7877500

Credit BadManStor .


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Meaning of pack,Lots,few,Throng etc terms in evony scout report.

In the beginning few days of the Evony online MMO game, when the informatics level is low, the Scout reports of valleys and and cities does not contain the exact amount of troops defending the valleys . Instead the report contains some terms like the Few , Pack, Lots,Horde,Throng, Swarm, Zounds, Legion, Bulk, Giga. It becomes difficult to find out the exact number of troops you have to send in order to defeat the defending troops in the valleys unless you know the meaning of those terms. Here are the list of terms and their meaning is
Few: 1 - 24
Pack: 25 - 49
Lots: 50 - 99
Horde: 100 - 249
Throng: 250 - 499
Swarm: 500 - 999
Zounds: 1000-2499
Legion: 2500 - 4999
Bulk: 5000 - 9999
Giga: >10,000

Monday, December 26, 2011

Defence types in Evony

Basic rules of battle mechanics in Evony.
1)All troops move according to their speed.
2)They attack the first troop which is within their range.
3)If two or more different troop types are within striking distance to each other, then they attack the unit with highest speed (In compact defense) , And ranged units attack closest troops unless there is a range unit within range. They will ignore any and all troops and focus on ranged units.
4)If more then 1 range unit is with range they attack the troop with the highest total attack value.

In a 5k defense. Troops are attacked in the following order:

(Even though archers are faster than warriors and workers, archers stop once a troop is within range so wars and workers will pass them)
Archers attacking will follow the same order as in foot troops since the advance out of range of defending archers. However wars and workers will be within defending archers range so attacking archers will over look them and attack archers between warriors and workers.
Archers attacking in following order
Scouts don't get involved in battle until all defending troops get killed. After defending troops get killed scouts attack city ATs.
Defense types
5k Defense
This is the most used type of defense in evony. Typically you are supposed to have each type of wall fortification on your wall.
Preferred Wall Defense (well for me)
16100 Ats
2k traps
2k abatis
100 DTs
50 logs
Preferred Troops (low layering)
larger amount of archers

400k archers
400k wars
600k scouts
300k swords
20k pike
10k cavs
5k phracts
10k ballistas
2k pults
(these are the important troops)
Effective against cav, phract and ram waves when layered properly.
Lower Food Upkeep
Sustainable to Archer and mech RBs
Not so stable when offline
Compact Defense
The key to a Compact Defense(CD) is 0 traps abatis, and defense trebs. as this forces the enemy to fight your entire army at once instead of 1 at a time.

Preferred Wall Setup

18k ATs
250 rolling logs
Preferred Troops

Heavy Layering
Archers aren't needed as much as in a 5k defense but always good.

300k Archers
500k wars
600k scouts
100k pike
500k swords
100k cavs
50k phracts
30k ballistas
10k rams
4k pults

Very affective against Archer RBs and mech hits
Forces enemy to use more troops
Sturdy even when player is offline
Troop Upkeep can get more expensive do to heavy layering
Open to cav and phract smacks
Sustains massive damage from a ram attack
You can get Plundered if you try to transport or reinforce someone much larger then you in prestige.


0-2.99x prest = 0% losses
3-4.99x prest = 46% losses
5-6.99x prest = 73% losses
7-8.99x prest = 86% losses
9+ x prest = 93% losses
Its not a 100% chance that you will be plundered. Might get lucky but the formula above tells you max amount of troops you can loose.
Breaking Defense
Best way to break a CD is a ram attack, cavsmack or phractsmack. The closer you are to the defending city the more effective you can make the hit. Adding 1 archer, 1 ballista, and 1 pult will give your attack 3 extra rounds free from fire from enemy archers. But at the same time will increase march time. So very important to know when to add them and when to hold off adding them.
CD have no traps or abatis leaving them weak to these attacks as they get in range of all troops in 1 round doing serious damage.
Best way to break a defense with 5k settlers is a mech wave or an archer RB.
5k defenses are weak to these attacks as the defending troops march to attacking opposing army depending on their speed. This forces defending troops to spread out allowing archers to pick them off 1 unit at a time.

Credits Prodigy the 5