Monday, August 6, 2012

Attack from Ghost city : Another great method to irritate your enemy

Attacking from ghost city is a fun way to mess with your enemy in evony online MMO game. In this method your enemy wont even know the name of the player who is attacking him, he will just see the bird flashing on his screen for a long time . Your enemy may thing that this is a glitch and stop checking the attack warning, and you can hide your real attacks on him .
  In this is method , the you take a city , launch an attack with 1 worker , preferably with a long camp time , then after launch  abandon the city and convert it to NPC. Since , you have NPCed your city the enemy wont know your name , but will be very surprised to see that an NPC is attacking him. After some time he may stop giving attention to the flashing bird thinking that its a glitch and you take this opportunity to launch real attacks.

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