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How I conquered a level 10 npc in Evony

In evony online game, conquering a npc10 is considered to be one of the most difficult tasks. To conquer a level 10 npc you need to have a very good high attack hero, at least 200k archer and 50k warriors and of course a city slot open(as you are going to conquer it).
The big advantage of conquering a level 10 NPC is that all the buildings of a the npc is at level 10 so , that will save a lot of mich scripts for you.
1. It has level 10 walls for more defence,
2. Level 10 Rally spot so you can send 100000 troops at a time,
3. Level 10 Relief Station so you can send reinforcements more quickly
5. level 10 academy so you can complete all your level 10 researches(except stockpile as it does not have any warehouse).
6. level 10 townhall and 30 level 10 farms , so you can produce more than 1m food every hour with a good politics hero and 10 level 10 lakes.

Disadvantages of Level 10
1. It is hard to conquer so you have to kill about 20-50 k archers to conquer it.
2. It has only 1 level 10 barrack inside , 1 every other types of buildings and rest 20 level 10 cottage, so you have to demolish them first then replace them with barracks , which takes a considerable amount of time.

Why conquering a level 10 is so tough
1. It has a lot of defense. 400k warriors and 3666 AT's , 11k traps , 2.2k rollinglogs , 5k abatis, level 10 walls and all techs maxed to level 10.
2. It continously regenarate it's troops and and gains 3 loyalty every 6 minutes. So , you have to send many waves of attacks very quickly to get it to 0.

Recommended things that you should have to conquer a level 10 barb city with minimum loss
1. 250-300k archers and 150k warriars, 1k of all other types of units upto cataphracts for rainbow.
2. a good attack hero for the first sphearhead attack with at least 140 attack.
3. A level 10 Rally Spot (a level 9 can do the job but you will have about 10-30k more archer loss).
4. Archery level 10 , Millitary tradition , Iron Working and medicine above 7.
5. Use buffs like corselet and horns .

For the purpose of writing this article I have used no buffs and a level 9 rally point to demonstrate that it can be done without using them.
What I have used in conquering the level 10
1. 250-300k archers and 50k warriars, 1k of all other types of units upto cataphracts for rainbow.
2. Attack hero with 223 attack.( He is too powerfull and not everyone have a hero like that but 150 attack will be ok.).
3. A level 9 Rally Spot (a level 9 can do the job but you will have about 10-30k more archer loss).
4. Every other tech at level 10.
5. Not used any buffs.

The method
1. Each time you scout a level 10 the defending hero of it changes. So, continuesly scout the level 10 until the defending hero is of level 10 or less. This is very much essential to minimize troop loss.
2. To defeat the level 10 you need to make the first attack (sphearhead) with maximum number  of archers 90k -100 k archers along with 1 unit of worker, warrior, scout, swordsman and pike for rainbow . This sphearhead will take out all the defences and forticication of the barb city . Also you will have the maximum amount of troop loss in this attack(5k - 40k archers , depnding on the factors stated in the recomendation). Now, once the sphear head takes out the defences, you will have to go on sending 20k archers with rainbow of 1 of all other units(never forget the rainbow) until the loyalty decreases to 0.
Note: If your hero is less that 170 attack then send an 90k warrior waves 1 minute ahead of the archer wave. This will minimize the archer loss to a great extent.

If you are in a good alliance , then you can ask some other stronger member to do the sphearhed for you and do the loyalty waves yourself. This way  , you can save a lot of troops and conquer it even if you don't have the recomemded things.

3. Remove your mayor so that you can send 9 waves and send smaller loyalty decreasing waves continously until it goes down to 0. Resend them when they comes back. Heal the wounded troops. You should have at least 2m gold to heal all the troops.
4. It is a must, that you have the attacking city and the barb city withing 2miles of each other( 1 mile distance is the best). So, first create a level 10 barb city at the adjuscent flat of your attacking city. If you don't have a flat vacant then find a spot with 2 adjuscent blank flats, wait until one of them grows to level 10, Conquer that flat , build city and abondon it make a level 10 barb there. Then create the attacking city in the next flat. The attacking city must have a level 6 academy , level 9 feasting hall and Rally Point.

Below are the reports of how I conquered a level 10 barb town using level 9 rally point and without using any buffs(special defensive items like Horn and corslate)

In the first attack I sent my best attack hero wolverine(223 attack,level163) with 89k archers along with 10 other units util cataphracts for rainbow and I had 22k archer loss. With less attack hero 150 you should expevt more losses ranging from 40-25k. Then i went on sending waves of 25k archers with rainbow( you can do it with 20k archers wave if you don't have that many archers). I had to send about 36 wanves and the whole operation took 18 minutes of time with about 40 k archer loss.Click on the pictures to have larger views. Please write your comments if you think i have missed some point.



3rd Attack

4th Attack

8th Attack


10th Attack

13th Attack

16th Attack

18th Attack

19th Attack

23th Attack

26th Attack

36th Attack



Better to have 4 cities with lvl 10 rallies, lvl 10 feastinghalls and 0 troops marching. Select the lvl 10 you want, and use camp time to get the first hit to go on a set time, say 12:00:00 and have the others hit between 12:00:01 and 12:00:30. Basically, you use the reoports march screen bottom right time (your time) to make sure the breakin occurs first, and the rest hit after this. Use all 40 march slots, and you should be fine. Breakin needs 94K arch plus 6 K filler, rest needs 7K arch and 7K pikes or swords each wave. Enjoy.

Thanks Swiv. Your method is much faster way of taking level 10 with lot less troop loss.
This post is intended to the beginners in evony who has only 1-2 cities and don't know much about camp timing. But , I am sure your comment will help people understand how to take level 10s with more cities and much faster way.

Good guide for beginners. I usually take the NPC10 in 2 seconds, timing all the attacks from 5 cities, using Camp Time. Set a time for the breaker wave, and the rest of the waves (I use 40) in the next second.
Using this approach, it is also easy for experienced players to provide a NPC10 for a newbie, if they take care of say, the first 35 within the first two seconds, and let the reciever attack with the rest in second 3.

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