Thursday, October 8, 2009

The most effecttive way to find rose medals in evony

In Evony online game, finding rose medals in the newer servers is one of the most difficult and time consuming task. Rose medals are supposed to drop from the low level valleys when you attack and conquer then. In the newer servers the drop rate of rose medals are reduced very much. The drop rate of rose medals are assumed to be 1%, yes that means you have to attack and conquer a valley up to 100 times to expect one rose medal drop. Evony game developers use this as successful busyness model, so that people get frustrated and go for buying medal boxes from them. While many people do not like this policy, this is not quite unusual that as a company they need to make profit and earn money from the game. But if you do not want to spend money and earn medals by yourself then you have take the method of spam attacking valleys.
The "spam attacking" valley is simply attacking a 1,2,3 level valley multiple times , conquer it then abandon it and again conquer it withing very short time. This way it increases the chance of getting rose medals as the number of attacks increases. Most people the chance of getting medals depends on intelligence of hero and type of valley. But, according to evony game forum moderator and my own experience, I found it is not true. I got all the medals from different types of heroes , lakes , grassland and forest( never tried hills). The only thing that really matters is the number of attacks, the more number of attacks you make the more chances that you get a medal drop. i have seen many people saying "oh, I have attacked it so many times and did not get any medal?". But when I asked they said they made only 10-20 attacks. Now, if getting rose medals would be so easy then I never would have been writing this post.

The process
1. Upgrade your Feasting Hall and Rally Points to level 9 and recruit 9 heroes.
2. Find a level 1,2,3 valley closest to your city. The valley should be within 5 miles from your city to minimize the travel time. [valleys are upgraded by 1 level in each server maintainace (like level 1 goes up to level 2 and level 10 goes to level 1) , so you may have to wait for some days until your closest valley reaches the desired level.]
3. Recruit 9 heroes.
4. Remove the mayor so that you can attack with all your heroes.
5. Make 1 valley slot empty in the city from which you are going to launch the attacks, so that you can conquer the valley successfully.
6. Now , go to map mode and click the valley and select attack. assign 120 - 400 archers depending upon your tech levels. You should select the numbers large enough such that none of your archers get killed in the attack. You have to make hundreds of attack so you should not have losses while attacking. Now select a hero and send the attack. Don't close the window wait for 30 secs. and select another hero and set another attack. Go on doing this until 9 waves of attacks are completed.
5. Now, watch the valley in map mode. Whenever an attack strikes and the valley is conquered a little yellow flag will appear on the valley. Quickly click on the valley , select enter then abandon. This way with every attack you are conquering the valley and abandoning it. If you abandon the valley it will regenerate to its full health instantly.
6. When all the attack launches successfully wait until all the troops return and start the process all over again.

When you launch the last attack of the day do not abandon it. Otherwise , it make be taken by some other player or will be upgraded to next level on server maintenance.

By doing this , if the troops One way Travel time is 3 mins , then it will take 6 minutes to launch 9 attacks and then come back to your city. So in one hour you will be able to complete 90 attacks and hopefully get 1 rose medal every hour.
According to the above calculations you still have to put 15-20 hours of time to get 15 rose medals and reach baron.



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