Friday, October 9, 2009

The most effective way to find honor medals in newer evony servers

In Evony online game, finding honor medals is the most difficult task. I found it even more difficult than finding rose medals. Initially it took me about 3-4 days to get each single honor medals. Later I found that, wit proper procedure and some good hard work i can get 3/4 honor medals each day. I saw posts about different theories like Intel heroes getting more honor medals, you must attack fully regenerated npc's in to get honor medals, spam attacking high level valleys, low number of ballistas and what not. I tried all those metods and blown up more than 200k troops in spam attacking valleys, but  got just 1 honor medal from a level 10 forest out of 70+ attacks. It is not quit worth it compared to the amount of troop loss I had by spam attacking high level valleys. After trying many methods I found a simple method which really dropped honor medals for me , about 3/4 honor medals a day. The method I used is simply attacking level 1,2,3,4 npc's all day hundreds of time each day with all the heroes.

The method
1) Create at least 9 npc's of 1,2,3,4 level , very near to your city so that you can hit them within 30 mins. That means the "one way trip " time should be less or equal to 30 mins. Caution : once you get all the honor medals the 1,2,3 level npc's will no longer be required for regular farming. so, I would suggest to take a temporary city just for farming honor medals , create low level npc's around it and drop it later when you get all your honor medals. Or you may give it to other alliance member so that he can farm honor medals from it.
2) Now, send 9 waves of ballistas to hit them.
3) You can use any type of heroes as I had found the type of hero does not really mater. I had found most of the honor medals with attack heroes.
4)You should use any no of ballistas to hit them without loss. Now , as the one way travel time is 30 mins or less , all the 9 waves will come back home within an hour.
5) When all troops come back, again send another 9 waves. So , you are sending 9 waves every hour from each city. If you are doing this from 2 cities , that makes 18 attacks every hour, the more cities u use more better it is. You don't have to hit a fully regenerated npc in order to get medals. 
Here are some screen shots of honor medals I got from half filled npc's


Set a target of hitting the npc's hundred or more times a day , you will surely get 2-3 honor medals each day. You will also get plenty of wisdom and courage medals from level 4 npc's as the drop rate of these medals are much higher than honor medals. So , by the time you get 15 honor medals you will have enough to all types of medals to jump to duke.

Some more screenshots to show number of ballistas really does not matter.

 From level 4 with 500 ballistas

From level 3 with 400 ballistas( I can do level 3 with 100 ballis , but just too lazy to change the numbers, copy paste for all attacks)

 From level 3 with 200 ballistas

From level 10 forest attacking with 16 k warrior and 15k archers.



Can you get the best info for the other medals?

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