Saturday, August 22, 2009

What is rainbow attacking method in evony online games

The rainbow attacking method is very popular and effective in evony free online game. The rainbow method gives a lot of advantage to the attacker in winning the battle. It is just a simple method yet very powerful.
The process of rainbow is simply send 1 type of every troops along with the archers. An example of rainbow will be

1 worker
1 warrior
1 pikeman
1 swordsman
1 cavalry
60000 archers
1 cataphract
etc etc.
The main reason behind this is to form a shield to protect the most powerful troops , archers. Now, how just one of each troop forms shield for all those archers? In evony online game the battle is fought in rounds. In each round the defender and attacker try to kill each others just one type of troop. So , we can say that for each type of troop you send you will get a extra round of firing. This can be simulated as follows
Suppose the defence (your opponent has 10000 Archet Towers/AT)
So, the battle will be fought as follows.
Round 1.
Enemy - The 10000 Archer Towers hit your 1 worker(remember in each round all of them hit a single type of troop).
You - Your 6ok archers kills 2000 AT's(Archer Tower)
round 2 -
Enemy - The 8000 AT's hit the kill 1 warrior.
You - Your 6ok archers kills 2000 AT's

round 3 -
Enemy - The 6000 AT's hit the kill your 1 Pikeman.
You - Your 6ok archers kills 2000 AT's

round 4 -
Enemy - The 4000 AT's hit the hit and kill your 1 swordsman.
You - Your 6ok archers kills 2000 AT's

round 5 -
Enemy - The 2000 AT's hit the hit your 10000 archers.
You - Your 50k archers kills 1500 AT's

round 6
Enemy - The 500 AT's hit the kill your 500 archers.
You - You kill the rest of the at's.

Though ,the above process is very much simplified to give you an overall idea of the rainbow method. Remember, while the opponent's level of research , level of walls, speed of different troops makes a great difference . Sending the rainbow alone does not ensure you will win the battle, but we can surely say that sending rainbow troops are much better that sending only the archers in the evony online games.



Round 3 - read Pickman instead of worker

Thanks ashvin , for the correction.

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