Monday, August 10, 2009

Benefits of conquering valleys in Evony Online game

In Evony online game , the main challenge is to have a steady incoming flow of resources. You need to maximize the resources you gain every hour.
One way to do that is to acquire valleys nearby(except flats). Each valley (grassland, forest, dessert, hills,lake) gives a percentage resource bonus of the base rate of production. If you hover your mouse on a valley it will show you the information like
1. Type of valley it is
2. what type of resource increase it gives. Like , forest increases lumber production, deserts increases stone production, hills increase iron production, lake increase food production, grassland increase either lumber or food production)
3. which type of resource production it increases.
4. percentage by which it increases production of resource.
5. If it is currently owned by any lord.

Every valley has troops hidden within them . To conquer a valley you have to attack a valley and kill all the hostile troops inside it. Now if your valley quota is not full then the valley will come under your ownership and it will continue to give you percentage bonus of your base resource production. The more higher level valley , the more higher resource bonus it gives. Also higher level valleys contain more amount of hostile troops in it, so to conquer a higher level valley is more difficult task, so in the beginning you have to attack lower level valleys and in later stages when you gather enough troops attack higher level valleys.
The number of valleys you can own is equal to the level of your town hall. So, if you have 2 cities with level 9 town halls , then you can own 9+9=18 valleys in total. If your valley quota for a particular city is full and you want to acquire a new higher level valley then you can abandon one of your low level valley and free up one valley spot.
Now, try to acquire valley that increase the highest base production resources. For example , if you have base production of 100k lumber in one city and only 10k iron production in that city , then you should acquire more forest for that city than hills. Each forest you add to that city will give you 100*X bonus for lumber while each hill will give you 10*X iron bonus.

To conquer a valley scout the valley first ,then send your troops about three times the amount of troops that the valley have.

To conquer a valley first find a valley suitable to your strength of army . Then check if it is owned by other lord or not. If it is a free valley then send about 100 scouts to check the amount of troops the valley contains. If the level of your informatics is low then you may not get the exact amount of troops in the valley. Your will see they are denoted as Pack, Lots, etc. Below is the list of terms you may see in your report and their meaning

Few 1-25
Pack 25-50
Lots 50-100
Horde 100-250
Throng 250-500
Swarm 500-1k
Zounds 1k-2.5k
Legion 2.5k-5k
Bulk 5k-10k
Giga 10k+

Now you despatch about 3 times the army that is hidden in the valley. If your army can defeat the army in the valley you said have conquered the valley. the valley will continue to give you resource bonus until you release it or someone else conquer the valley from you.

Now , in later stages of the game when your army strength will increase you have to abandon low level valleys and conquer new high level ones. To abandon an existing valley go to "overview", then "valleys" . "View" the valley that you want to abandon and click "abandon".

daveshow07 has pointed out a very common problem that I forgot to mention. When you send you troops to conquer the valleys , your army will camp there if they can successfully conquer the valley. Now, while camping the troops consume twice the regular amount of food , so you will see a sudden increase in "troop upkeep" or consumption of food by the troops. To solve this you have to recall your army from the valley. To recall your army from valley ,Go to feasting hall and recall the hero from the valley, or in map select the valley -> enter -> recall, or go to reports -> army movements -> check for "camp"-ed army and then recall.



so for some reason when i conquer valleys i am running into a resource calculation issue. when i originally send my army out, lets say i have 5k warrior, 2k pikeman, 1000 worker, 1500 scout, 300 archer, 100 calvary and 50 transport, before i send them i am at a +3000 net food production, i just conquered a lvl 5 lake with a 20% production increase, and i already hold 4 other lakes... and for some reason after the valley is conquered, my net production drops to - 25,000! i mean, wtf!

now all of the sudden im at +40,000 net food production! dumb!

Re "Calculation Issue" Not an issue, it's built in. Your army consumes twice its regular food usage when it is "camped" in a valley. As soon as the get back within your walls, you'll be back to regular production again.

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