Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Evony tax policy explained : get 30k gold every hour from tax

In evony online MMORPG using the tax policy you can earn a lot of gold every hour. This is the most comfortable way of earning gold because you don't have to sell your resources or don't have to loose troops attacking other players. Your own people will give you lots of gold every hour in the form of tax and the method is very simple.

You have to follow three simple steps to do that.

1. Set your tax rate t0 o. To do this , click "Overview" below your image in the top left panel, then go to "tax Rate" tab and set the tax rate to 0 there. Wait for some time , until the loyalty becomes 100. The number beside the mask icon is the loyalty. When you set the tax rate to 0 the the rate of gold earning may become red , as you are not drawing any gold from tax but have to pay the hero his salary. So , do it only if you have at least 2k gold in reserve.

2. Now, when the loyalty goes 100, set the tax rate to 100%. This will maximize the gold earning from tax.

3. Now , as you set the tax rate to 100 , your loyalty starts falling. Simple formula for loyalty is 100 - tax rate = loyalty. To keep the loyalty at 100 , you have to apply "comforting". When your loyalty goes down to 95, go to "overview", the "comforting", select "disaster relief" and apply. Now every time you do comforting , it consumes some food and your loyalty goes up by 5 and it stays 100. You can do comforting after every 15 min.

Now if you have a large population then your food consumption for every comforting will be huge. If you fall short of food buy it from the market. In all servers food are very cheap to buy. So the gold you have to spend on food will be much less than the money you earn from taxing. The more population you have the more gold you get every hour.

That's all you have to do. Now more your your population , more amount of gold you will be getting. With 30 k (9 level 9 cottages) population you can get about 30 k gold every hour.

Only downside on this method is you have to do comforting every 15 min , so when you are not going to be online for long time then bring back the tax rate to 20% , otherwise loyalty will decrease to 0 and the people will leave your city.

Now , why do you have to set the loyalty to 100. This is not a necessary condition, but more loyalty you have, more people you come to your city and more people your city has they will pay you more taxes. That is why it is best to have 100 loyalty all the time.

Avoid doing this when you will be offline for long .



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