Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to change flag in Evony

In Evony online game when you join an alliance you are supposed to change your flag according to your alliance flag. A flag is a quick indication of the alliance you are member of. When other players browse the map , if they see a flag on your city they will understand you are a part of an alliance and may not scout/attack you.
To change the flag you must have at least one "national flag" in your items, otherwise you can not change it.

Now, click on your image in the top left panel . That will open the "Player Info " panel.
In the bottom of "player info" panel you can write the flag of your alliance.
Some times this can be a little tricky situation , when you have changed your alliance but don't have "national flag" in your inventory , and can not change the flag until you get another "national flag" from the wheel of fortune. In this situation message your problem to the host of both your old and new alliances.



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