Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to send a hero to another city in evony

In evony online game sometimes you need to send a hero of one city to another city. Being able to send heroes from one city to another will cut the requirement of building inn's in every city. You can just build one inn in one city , recruit good hero there and send them to other cities. This way you can save the spot required to build inn in the second city and build something useful there.

To send a hero from one city to another you need to follow the steps
1. The other city where you want to send the hero needs to have an open spot in the Feasting Hall. You can do this either by upgrading the feasting hall or dismiss any existing hero from the feasting hall.
2. Then go to the city from where you want to send the hero.Click rally point, march, Select city where you want to send from favorites, select reinforce, select the hero that you want to send, select a scout along with him. Scouts move fastest , so the hero will reach the second city in fastest possible time.
Now you will be able to find the hero in the feasting hall of the destination city.

So, sending a hero from one city to another is that simple.



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