Monday, August 10, 2009

How to destroy your own buildings in Evony

In Evony MMORPG game some times your need to demolish your own buildings. You have to demolish your building by 1 level at a time. If your cottage is at level 4 , then you have to demolish it to level 3 first , then level 2 , level 1 then complete removal. You can start new building at the empty place. Each time you demolish your building you get back some of the resource you spend upgrading it. It will take some time to downgrade/demolish your building depending on the level and type of your building.

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If you want to demolish your building in evony online game, then click on the building you want to demolish ,then click on the red circle shown in the picture. If you mouseover the red circle it will show how much resource you will recover by demolishing the building and how long it takes.

Now , when you click on the red circle , it will ask if you want to completely demolish with "dynamite"? Dynamite is an item in "my Items" that can demolish buildings instantly. If you click yes then it will use up 1 dynamite and demolish the building instantly, but you won't get back any resource. If you select "demolish by one level" then it will demolish by one level only and it will take time, but you get back some amount of resource.
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