Thursday, August 27, 2009

The hero guide in evony online game

In Evony online game the heroes control the gameplay in every aspect. You must have been surprised that how some players gain prestige and train large troops so fast while you can not. The main reason behind this is the experienced players have high leveled heroes and use them properly.
Heroes help you gain prestige fast in three different ways.
A hero has three different attributes politics, intelligence and attack.
When you select a hero as the mayor of your city them they help you in the following ways
1. A hero with high politics reduces the building time. A high politics hero also increases the production rate of the resources of that city.
2. A hero with high intelligence will reduced the time taken for doing a research. Some players also say that they also help to get more information when you scout someones city and and increase medal drop rates.
3. A high attack hero increases the troops production speed and defend your city when someone attacks you.

Remember the hero attributes will work only if you set the hero as mayor. So you have to switch heroes as mayor when you are starting a research or starting a troop production run.
You need at least level 3 feasting hall to recruit 3 heroes of different attributes

1. The highest politics hero will remain mayor as default , as he increases the resource production.
2. When you are going to start a research , make the highest intelligence hero as mayor. Start the research and again bring back the high intelligence hero as mayor(you don't have to wait for the research to complete, you can do this immediately after the start of the research).
3. In similar way ,when you start producing troops you have to make the highest attack hero as mayor, then bring back the high politics hero as mayor again.

Now , to have this work, you must have at least a level 3 feasting hall so that you can accommodate all 3 heroes. To recruit heroes you also need an Inn. The heroes will gather into the Inn and from the Inn you can select and recruit heroes. The recruited heroes will move to the feasting hall. The heroes in the inn will rotate every hour. If you click the refresh button then the heroes will be rotated immediately but it will cost you an item "Hero Haunting". Some people create a level 1 inn and then check if the hero is good otherwise demolish the inn and build a new one. This way you can rotate the hero very quickly. A higher level inn holds more number of heroes and higher level of heroes.

While recruiting heroes from inn you have to recruit heroes who have low level but high on attributes, otherwise it will be difficult to level up the heroes.
For example if
heroA has level 5 , politics 65 and heroB has level 30, politics 75 then HeroA is always better one to recruit, because when heroA levels up and reaches level 30 he will have politics 90.

To appoint a hero as mayor open the click on the feasting hall, then click on the "Appoint mayor " button and select the hero from the drop down list of heroes.

Selecting and changing heroes hold the most key point to beat other players in the evony online game. Please write your comment if you think i have missed any point.



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