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Defence types in Evony

Basic rules of battle mechanics in Evony.
1)All troops move according to their speed.
2)They attack the first troop which is within their range.
3)If two or more different troop types are within striking distance to each other, then they attack the unit with highest speed (In compact defense) , And ranged units attack closest troops unless there is a range unit within range. They will ignore any and all troops and focus on ranged units.
4)If more then 1 range unit is with range they attack the troop with the highest total attack value.

In a 5k defense. Troops are attacked in the following order:

(Even though archers are faster than warriors and workers, archers stop once a troop is within range so wars and workers will pass them)
Archers attacking will follow the same order as in foot troops since the advance out of range of defending archers. However wars and workers will be within defending archers range so attacking archers will over look them and attack archers between warriors and workers.
Archers attacking in following order
Scouts don't get involved in battle until all defending troops get killed. After defending troops get killed scouts attack city ATs.
Defense types
5k Defense
This is the most used type of defense in evony. Typically you are supposed to have each type of wall fortification on your wall.
Preferred Wall Defense (well for me)
16100 Ats
2k traps
2k abatis
100 DTs
50 logs
Preferred Troops (low layering)
larger amount of archers

400k archers
400k wars
600k scouts
300k swords
20k pike
10k cavs
5k phracts
10k ballistas
2k pults
(these are the important troops)
Effective against cav, phract and ram waves when layered properly.
Lower Food Upkeep
Sustainable to Archer and mech RBs
Not so stable when offline
Compact Defense
The key to a Compact Defense(CD) is 0 traps abatis, and defense trebs. as this forces the enemy to fight your entire army at once instead of 1 at a time.

Preferred Wall Setup

18k ATs
250 rolling logs
Preferred Troops

Heavy Layering
Archers aren't needed as much as in a 5k defense but always good.

300k Archers
500k wars
600k scouts
100k pike
500k swords
100k cavs
50k phracts
30k ballistas
10k rams
4k pults

Very affective against Archer RBs and mech hits
Forces enemy to use more troops
Sturdy even when player is offline
Troop Upkeep can get more expensive do to heavy layering
Open to cav and phract smacks
Sustains massive damage from a ram attack
You can get Plundered if you try to transport or reinforce someone much larger then you in prestige.


0-2.99x prest = 0% losses
3-4.99x prest = 46% losses
5-6.99x prest = 73% losses
7-8.99x prest = 86% losses
9+ x prest = 93% losses
Its not a 100% chance that you will be plundered. Might get lucky but the formula above tells you max amount of troops you can loose.
Breaking Defense
Best way to break a CD is a ram attack, cavsmack or phractsmack. The closer you are to the defending city the more effective you can make the hit. Adding 1 archer, 1 ballista, and 1 pult will give your attack 3 extra rounds free from fire from enemy archers. But at the same time will increase march time. So very important to know when to add them and when to hold off adding them.
CD have no traps or abatis leaving them weak to these attacks as they get in range of all troops in 1 round doing serious damage.
Best way to break a defense with 5k settlers is a mech wave or an archer RB.
5k defenses are weak to these attacks as the defending troops march to attacking opposing army depending on their speed. This forces defending troops to spread out allowing archers to pick them off 1 unit at a time.

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