Sunday, December 25, 2011

Use camp timing to coordinate attacks

in Evony, camp timing plays a very vital role while more than one player tries to coordinate their attacks on a single target enemy city or most essentially against historical cities. It is almost impossible to capture an historical city if you're breaking waves does not launch with a very close 5 to 10 seconds and in order. Timing is also essential in defense, imagine your enemy scouts in and see that your city is very low in troops. The enemy launches his attack, and your alliance mates reinforce you just 5 second before the attack hits your city. The enemy won't be able to recall his troops within that five seconds and will lose all the troops in a flash.
Camp timing is simply adding some extra minutes or hours to the ETA of your troops. It will delay the attack timing by the amount of camp timing you add.

In this image there is no troops are selected, so the one way trip is 0 second and the arrival time is 20:55:12.

In this image a camp time of 1 hour is added so the one way trip is 1h 00m 00s and arrival time is 21:56:36.
This looks quite simple, but the trouble arise because the arrival time is based on your local computer time based on your time zone. Thus if your server time is 05:42 and your computer clock time is 8:42 then adding 1 hour camp time will display the arrival time at 09:42 based on your computer clock timing. This causes a serious trouble if two different players of different time zone are trying to coordinate attacks to arrive at same time, because there are local computer timing are different.

To solve this problem, two players must set their time zone to central time (us and Canada). This way both their computer local time with same, and the sync timing will be more accurate.

However if you're playing age-2 , it is advised to remove the mounts of your heroes.

Even with these set up, you may find that the actual time your attacks hit the target differ by a few seconds from what it was shown in the rally spot interface. In the rally spot it might have been showing arrival time as 22:10:55 but the attack might have been actually hit at 22:11:00, introducing a further delay of 5 secs.
to avoid this problem, do some dummy attacks with 1 warrior and a hero on some historical city and check the difference of timing between your war report and alliance war report. If the difference between two is 5 seconds then set your camp timing accordingly.

So simply plan a attack to hit on a Minute mark say 15:00:00, then find look at the report and see when it actually hits , if it hits at 14:59:55, then your clock is 5 seconds ahead so next time plan you attack to hit at 15:00:05 and this time you will account for the difference in seconds.
Remember to eat every refresh of the browser or restart of the computer the lag time will change and you'll have two measure the lag time all over again.

Credits - Spawn- AgeII Na13 - Massacre Founder



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