Friday, February 18, 2011

Evony Age 2 and Facebook

The biggest change in Evony Age 2 over Age 1 is that , now evony has added facebook to it. Now a player can log in with just emailID-password like Age1 or can log in with Facebook ID. But if u play evony using facebook id u will have many great advantages over a non-Facbook player. Nowadays most top alliances made it compulsury to have a facebook account to join the alliance and may even expel you , if u don't have facebook. The main advantages of playing evony Age II with facebook are
1) You will gain more resource from your FB friends
2) You receive upto 20 evony Amulates everyday (amazing isn't it?).
3) Receive tons of troops, Holy water ivory horn , gold and other stuff.
4) Reduce your troop upkeep to 50%(Well , that is juicy).
1) Your facebook wall will be full with posts from evony.

To login to evony Age2 using FB , u can open evony login page and write ur FB login ID and password there or login to Facebook and search and click the Evony app there.

After you login to evony with Fb you can send ally request to or simple Fb friend request to other evony players . Most people send request to the alliance mates. Just send a group message to all alliance member with you FB email or Fb name.
Once you become Fb Friend with another player you can start sending and receiving gifts to them.
If you don't have enough amount of people in your allience, then you can search the the evony groups of FaceBook. There are many people in Facebook who are dieing to increase the number of evony friends. just search google with evony facebook group . In every group wall u will see there are tons of people looking for evony mates.
Gifts you can send or receive depends on your evony rank and title. gifts range from 500k wood to an amulate. You can send amulates (Minor fortune pack, don't know why it is called Minor, this is the juicyest gift  ) if you are a prinzessin you can send amulates to others, and of course if you have prinzessin friend they may send u amulates too. But Beware you can accept only 20 gifts everyday.
Fb has a limit of sending 40 gifts a day, but if u select less than 40 friends, then u can send gifts to many people everyday. Just divide them into many bunches of less than 40 people in each bunch. 20-25 people in bunch worked best for me . I hope evony and FB will keep this bug unfixed for many many days.

While playing the evony, after certain interval Facebook messages will pop up into your screen , telling that you are into some sort of trouble or having some excess stuff. You will be suggested to post that message to your FB wall and ask your FaceBook friends to click that post. Whenever your FB friends click that post you will receive some bonus itmes. Also , the guys who are clicking on the post will receive some bonus. Each post can receive upto 10 clicks and each player can click 15 posts every day.
Most populer Fb posts are 
Hungry no more - reduce 5% troop upkeep with each click
Cavalory           - 100 cavalory with each hit
Ivory Horn       
Holy Water
and off course resources.

Now , next Fb bonus that you can get is the Ally visit bonus. You can send ally request to your FaceBook friends, if they accept your request then both of you become ally to each other. Everyday you can visit your ally kingdoms. With every visit you make to your ally, you  will receive some resource bonus. Similarly , if your ally  visit your kingdom then you will also receive some bonus. A player can receive maximum of 8 greater bonus resource pack and 22 regular bonus resource pack. 
The amount of bonus increases with increase of your title. In beginning days these bonus seems to be a lot, and you won't have wait for resources to accumulate from resources field to continue dual build.

This way you can see that an evony player with facebook account will have a lot of advantages over a non-FaceBook evony player



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