Sunday, February 13, 2011

New additions to Evony Age 2

With the introduction of it's new improved version the Evony Age 2 , Evony has changed the rules of game playing a lot. Most of these features will bring a new level of game playing over age1 , while some of the features arguably minimizes the fierceness of the battle. Many age 1 players started playing age 2 very lightly just for the sake of testing new the changes and started liking Age 2 over Age1 , while many still swear by their Age I servers and still not ready to change to Age2. But as more and more Age 1 super servers are merging together , it seems more and more age 1 players are moving towards Age 2.

Most exiting changes in Age 2

1) The graphics has improved a lot in Evony Age 2. There are more animations on the valleys and buildings. The designs of the builds are a lot better. While this may look better but also  takes up more memory of your computer so expect " browser  refresh" more often.
2)First 3 days dual build. In the first 3 days of beginner protection , a player can build 2 buildings or research simultaneously. So , the first 3 days are going to be the busiest days for  player.
3) Addition of facebook. This is really of of the greatest addition to Evony. Some people may hate facebook , but the fact is you can get so much resource , items and ambulates from facebook that , it is no longer possible to become a good player in evony Age 2 without having a Facebook account.
4) Historic Hero. In age 2 Evony has added Historic Hero. These heroes have very high attribute point in politics , intelligence or attack.  In every server , there are about 400 Historical Heroes . At the very start of the server you have to spend 10 game cents and get the location of the npc where the Hero resides. Then you have to attack the npc and capture the hero. Players who owns a historic hero has huge advantage over other players due to high attribute points.
4) Hero gear system. - In evony Age 2 , you can add hero gears to your heroes . You can research these gears in the workshop and with each research the atrributes points of all heroes who wears the gear increases. You need to spend items like Lost Amour scripts, wood, iron ore   to research the gears. This is a very good way to earn revenue for evony.
5) Hero starring system - Along with hero gear research, evony introduced another way of incrementing hero attributes is the starring system.  A player can spend some gems(Flawless gems and Delicate Gems ,another age 2 item) and upgrade the star rating. With every increase of star rating the attributes of the heroes increase.
6)Hero level limit - Unlike Age 1, Age 2 heroes can no longer have very very high levels. A historic hero can have maximum level of 150 and a regular hero can only have maximum level of 100.
7) Queen/King - In enony  age 2 each player can own a Queen (if your character is male ) or King( if you are a female character). You can capture the Queen/King after you become Baron in title and complete a series of quests like capturing valleys  and capturing level 8 and level 10 npc. The Queen has 2 specialty that a)she has infinite loyalty so she won't ever leave you. your enemy can never capture your Queen/King.
b) has base attribute of 85 in politics , intelligence and attack.

8)Leadership - In addition to attribute points , an Age 2 hero power also depends on the ledaership he/she has. The leadership is equal to the level of the hero for reguler hero upto maximum 100. Some Historical Heores may have very high leadership greater than his level. The more leadership a hero has the damage he can the amount of troops he can effectively control  while attacking the enemy.

10)Colonization - A player can colonize other players city , which means the other player(whose city you have colonized) still owns his city , but everyday he will have to pay some resource attributes to you( or the player who has colonized).
11) Stratagems -  These are completely new types of items that you can use to strengthen your attack on your enemy or to help your friend who is under attack. Using stratagems effectively  you can do a lot of damage to a very powerful enemy without even going into direct battle with him.

I hope I have listed most of the major additions to enony Age 2 over Age1. I will list out more addition as and when I can remember them.



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