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How to increase your prestige in Evony online.

In evony online , the rank of a player is mostly decided by the amount of prestige they have. At first i was having a hard time to figure out how another player is gaining prestige so fast . All he gets the answer is "build more building and war" . Later, I started figuring out how to boost up prestige faster.
Yes , it is true that you can gain prestige by buildings and war, but there are certain techniques to speed up the process.

1. In the beginning your only option to gain prestige is to follow the questline. It is a good guide for beginners and each quest award you such a way that the the resources that you require to start the next quest. So , for first 1-2 days you won't have to do anything outside the quest, because if you do something outside the quest , then it will consume your resource but you won't get any reward for it. Then you will have to wait until it comes back to normal.

2.Use the free 5 min speed ups. In evony if the base time for upgrading a building is less than 5 mins then you get a free speed up. This speed ups will not consume your beginners or primary guidelines. So , when upgrading the buildings click the speed up button. If it is a free speed up then it will complete immediately , otherwise it will show the "guidelines" window, which means it is greater than 5 mins upgrade and you won't get free speed up for this.

2. Recruit a good politics hero. The best way to speed the prestige is to speed up the buildings. To speed up the buildings to need to recruit a very high level politics hero. To recruit a hero you need a inn and a feasting hall .The heroes will come to the inn and you can recruit them from there and appoint them mayor in the feasting hall. The hero should be a low level - high politics hero. A low level hero will take less gold to recruit and easier to upgrade. So a level 10 hero with 70 politics is better than a level 10 hero with 60 politics. After recruiting the hero make him the mayor in the feasting hall. Upgrade heroes regularly, when he reaches the required points for next upgrade.

3.Try to upgrade buildings and research in the academy at the same time. If you do upgrades and research both in the same time , then you get prestige for both of them at the same time.

4. Use a high intelligence hero to speed up the research. As high politics hero speed up the building time , a high intelligence hero speed up the research time. So , you need to upgrade the feasting hall to level 2 and recruit another hero with high intelligence level. Now , when you are going to start a new research make the high intelligence hero as mayor . Start the research , then again bring back the high politics hero as mayor. Believe me, it is much easier than it sounds and pros do it all the time.

5. Award your politics hero "Wealth of the nation". You can reward your hero with items from your inventory. Go to feasting hall and view the hero with highest politics. Award him with item "wealth of the nation". This will increase the hero's politics by 25% for 24 hours to 7 days. Make him mayor. This will decrease the building time and the extra resource you get from the mayor. Remember, it is a percentage increase , so more base politics your hero has , more increase he will get.

6.Try to get more than 1 city and build and research in both simultaneously.
If you can build and research in both of your city (until you get more cities) simultaneously. That will give you a lot of prestige boost. To get your second city ,claim your newbies package and lords package (click the gift icon in the top left corner of your screen, beside the internet explorer icon). This will give you enough medals required for major rank and get another city. Build same level academy in both of your city and start researching in both the cities.

7. Build more troops. Build at least 10 barracks in one of your city and start building troops. You get lot of prestige when you build troops. Build more warrior as they takes less time to build.

8. Reach 50000 population limit in one of your city. There is a population quest which awards 5000 prestige if you can reach 50000 population in a single city. So , select one of your resource city and build about 15 cottages of level 9. Then reach 100% loyalty by repeatedly comforting them. This way you can reach 50000 population and receive the 5000 prestige award. For comforting go to overview, then comforting tab and apply "disaster relief" . Each time you do this , it will deduct some food and increase the loyalty by 5. Don't worry about the food shortage, it is explained in the next point.

9. Get more taxes.
Once you reach 50000 population then increase the loyalty to hundred by repeated comforting(Disaster relief) them set the tax rate to 100%. This will increase the gold you generate from taxes. You will be able to get about 50ooo gold each hour. keep on the loyalty to 100 by doing comforting (disaster relief). Now , disaster relief decrease the amount of food each time. So, you have to buy food from market. The amount of gold you have to spend in the market for buying food is fur less than the amount of gold you receive from the tax. So , every hour you will gain a lot of gold even after buying food from market. Remember, set the tax rate back at 50% when you are going to be offline for long time. Otherwise, the loyalty will come to 0 and the population of your city will be become 0.

10. Increase your prestige through war.
Every war you win you award you with some prestige. be it a valley or npc or some other player. Start with low level valleys, then gradually start taking low level npc's. Look for low prestige players who don't have any alliances. Attack and defeat them. Apart from adding up prestige they will also give you resources which will help you do more building/research. in evony, you will get more prestige if you loose troops in battle and still win the fight. The more troops you loose , the more prestige you will gain, but you will have to win the war, otherwise you loose prestige.

I hope this post will help some of you guys. If I find any other important point later I will post it here. Please post your comments if you think i have missed any point here. Thank you.



a lvl 10 with 60 politics is better than a lvl 10 with 70 politics? I do hope this is a typo. You want a base of minimum 60. the upgrades are based off of the lvl of the hero, not the attribute.

Thanks Jared for pointing out the error. Edited.

Politics also increases food production I got a hero lvl40 and put gear I made him have 117 Politics he incresed my food production by 72K a hour

That's a good point James. Thanks for mentioning.

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