Sunday, August 23, 2009

Get the more benefits from your alliance : Use of Relief Station and Embassy in evony Online game

In Evony Online MMORPG Games if you have joined and alliance , it is often required to send troops to other member cities. The purpose of Relief Station is the shorten the time taken for your troops to other member's city and also between your own city. Each upgrade of your relief station increase the transfer time of the troops between your two cities or some other member's city by 5 times.
This becomes extremely useful in the following cases in evony online game.
1. Your cities are fur away from each other(happens when you teleport your city) and you want to transfer resource or reinforce troops to the other city.
2. You want to help another alliance member by reinforcing troops to his city or send resource.
In both the above cases high level relief Station helps to move the troops at much faster speed.
If you want to send reinforcement / resource to the city of other member, then go to map mode and type his city coordinates in the two boxes in the top left boxes on the screen. now you will be taken to his city location. Click on his city and select reinforce/ transport according to the need. Then select the amount of troops and resource to send.

Use of Embassy.
In evony online game, another building that is required for helping other alliance members or getting help from them is Embassy. Building an embassy lets you join a alliance. If you want to create your own alliance then you need to have a level 2 embassy. Other tan creating your own alliance , the greatest benefit of Embassy is , at the time of war if your city gets attacked by other players, then the other members of your alliance can send troops to reinforce your city and help you defend from the impending attack. If your Embassy is level 2 then troops from two other members can come to defend your city, for level 3 embassy troops from 3 members can come to protect your city. So , it is a must that you create embassies in each city.

PS : To get reinforcements from allied members you must open your gates (go to Rally point and tick the box beside the "medic camp" button) . Now select embassy , then tick the box labeled as "Allows troops of allied members to garrison your current city".



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