Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to recall your troops in evony online

In evony online game sometimes you need to recall your troops from where you have sent them. Recalling the troops is required mostly in the following condition
1. Your troops conquered a valley and camped there.
2. You sent the troops to attack an enemy city and now you think it's not good idea to attack it anymore.(He sent you a mail begging for mercy)

There are 2 ways to recall an army back to your city in evony MMORPG
1. Go to feasting hall, check the hero who has "march" or "return" status in the last column and the "Recall" button is activated. Click the "recall" button for the hero whom you want to recall.
2.Click 'Reports'(in right of quests button) then 'Army Movement' tab. There you will see all your troops not at home will be listed. Click "view" then "recall".

Recalling your army are very important when you send them to conquer a valley. Your attacking troops "camps" in the valley when they successfully conquers it. While camping your troops eat double the amount of food until you recall them back. So, whenever you see the food consumption has suddenly become very high check the "reports", "army movements" to see if there is any camping troops and recall them back immediately.



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