Monday, August 24, 2009

Guide on opening and closing city gates in evony free online game

In evony online game the opening and closing of gates holds a good importance on strategy of battle.

Procedure to opening and closing gates.
Your gates are closed by default , if you want to open them then go to Rally Point and tick the box beside Medic Camp and your gates will be closed.

Advantages of opening the gates

In general, if someone attacks you in evony online game and if the gates of your city is closed then the army inside will not attack the the enemy troops. Only the fortifications like traps, Archer towers will fight them. But if the gates are opened then fortification and your troops both will attack the enemy. So , if the attacking troops are relatively small and you don't have enough Archer Towers to defeat them, then you may open the gates so that the troops inside your city can kill them.

You should also open your gates when someone has attacked you and other allied members are trying to send you reinforcements. Reinforcements can only enter your city if the gates of your city is open, otherwise they will go back to the allied member.

Opening your gates can be great advantage if you have lots of scouts. If someone sends scouts to your city and the gates of your city are open, then your scouts will try to kill the enemy scouts. If your scouts are larger in number than the enemy scouts then your scouts kill all enemy scouts and you will get a lot of honor and the enemy player won't get any information about your city. However, if the enemy scouts are greater in number then they will kill all your scouts and the enemy player will gain honor and all information about your city.
Closing the gates are required when someone has already defeated you and destroyed all your fortifications and you are left with very small amount of troops inside. At this point you need to close the gates until some reinforcements from other ally member come(if any).
Also, you should close the gates when the number of scouts you have is very small, so that enemy scouts do not kill them.



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