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Instant troop requirements in Evony

In evony it is possible to build troops instantly if the the level of Military Science , Metal casting and most importantly attack of your hero is high enough. You can build troops in 0 seconds based on the attack of your hero, literally.
Below is a table of calculation for , what type of troops you can build instantly at what level of Military Science, Metal Casting , hero attack combination.

Table based on the formula of: (base time)*.9^(technology level)*.995^(hero attack) < 1 to equal 0 seconds, as the game rounds time down.
Instant Troops

Evony Instant troops calculation table

In this table the 
  • top row MS/MC represents level of Military Science / Metal  Casting . Therefore first column indicates MS/MC at level 0 and second column indicates MS/MC at level 2 and so on.
  • The rows indicate different troop/unit types. Below the name of each type of troops  is how long, in seconds, it would require to train without any technology or hero bonuses. Moving farther downward, it is in the order designated in-game, and not solely by base time.
  • The coordinating values indicate the level of attack the mayor of the city training troops/units must be to attain instant-train ability. The table specifies every troop/unit, and recognizes any level of technology.

For example ,
If you have a 700 attack hero and Military Science and Metal casting both at level 10 , you can train warriors and workers instantly, as many amount of troops you want because each single unit will be trained in 0 seconds, provided you don't run out of resource or population. If you use Excalibur, you can train pikemen and even swordsmen in no time, having then an attack of 875. As the attack of your hero increases you can start training other units instantly too.

Advantages of instant army
You can build your army with just a single barrack in your city and rest of the space assigned to cottages. Since all the army are built at0 seconds there is no need for keeping multiple barracks, so delete the barracks except keeping only one and build cottages in that space so that you don't run out of population.
In a nutshell if this is the requirement for the attack hero to build instant troops Instant troops:


  • Warriors: 432
  • Workers: 571
  • Scouts: 709
  • Pikesmen: 790
  • Swordsmen: 871
  • Archers: 959
  • Cavalry: 1,030
  • Transporters: 1,168
  • Cataphract: 1,249
  • Ballistae: 1,388
  • Battering Ram: 1,468
  • Catapults: 1,526
Also your political hero with very high politics can build wall defense instantly. Below is the table of requirement of hero politics to build instant wall defense , given that your techs are at level 10.

Instant Wall defences: 


  • Traps: 607
  • Abatis: 745
  • Archer Towers: 826
  • Rolling Logs: 965
  • Trebuchet: 1,066

Credits : Diamondragan



hi, can you tell me if instant troop still works? i play age 2 and i have a 15 set with plenty of heros over the required attack to instant build troops, but still does not instant build. did evony fix this?


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