Monday, January 30, 2012

Get 8 mil resource within an hour

Attacking valleys is a great way to generate resource in Evony . But to get resource you have to attack the valley without conquering the valley. if you attack a valley with your valley slot full then you wont be able to capture the valley but you will get 300-600k resource from that valley.
Again if you capture a valley and then release it then the valley will regenerate the resource and troops within it. Thus you need two cities near a lvl 10 forest or hill.
1) Send 30k archers, 1 work,war,sc,pike,sword,cav,phract from the first city with valley slot full. As the valley slot is full this attack will not be able to capture the valley but well get the resource. you will get 300 K to 600 K lumber or iron from each attack.
2)Send another attack with one scout from the other city (with a open city slot ) to capture and abandon the valley . these attack will regenerate the Valley immediately with the source and troops.

The big wave will bounce back, but will loot the valley, then when your scout lands it will capture the valley.Immediately abandon the valley.
This way, if you go on repeating the waves in sequence with camp time of 1 min, then with every attack from the first city you will get you 300 K to 600 K resorts each time.

Resource lost due to archer loss

the max loss in lvl 10 valley, from
1 hit = 500-1000 archers.
60hits = 30k - 60k archers - that is a loss of 10.5mill - 21million wood and iron. average = 15.75 mill

the mini loss in lvl 10, from
1 hit = 0 archers, 1 cav, 1 sword, 1 pike, 1 phract
60 hits = 0 archers 60 cav, 60 sword, 60 pike, 60 phract - so around 5000 res loss...

the average is 15.75million + 5000 /2 = 7877500

Credit BadManStor .




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