Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Evony Age II hero gear system

Workshop pt 1
Info about "The Workshop" and gear upgrading.
Gear can only be worn by heroes lvl 10 and up.
Heroe Lvl Gear lvl
0-9 no gear
10-19 lvl 1
20-29 lvl 2
30-39 lvl 3
40-49 lvl 4
50-59 lvl 5
60-69 lvl 6
and so on.......I'm sure you get the idea.
Each upgrade to a piece of equipment will downgrade it's star lvl by one (more on that in a bit)

Workshop pt 2
Creating equipment
Workshop lvl determines the lvl of equipment you can create.
Always start with creating the charm and ring first as they have 2 slots on your heroe for only makung one.
Mount Training increases your armies movement speed.
It takes materials, and armour scripts to build the equipment.
Each upgrade enhances the bonus associated with that piece of equipment.

workshop pt 3
Equiping Equipment
When you build a piece of equipment, all heroes have access to it, it is not just one piece for one heroe.
You can specify what that equipment enhances on the heroe for each individual heroe.
Politics, Attack, or Intelligence
You equip the equipment in each individual heroes attribute window. (One click works best)
And if you like you can always change what the equipment is giving a bonus to for every heroe.

workshop pt 4
Star Power
Flawless and Delicate Gems increase Star Power
This part is kind of like gambling, and sometimes really annoying.
I think star power can go to lvl 20....or something like that.
the more gems you use the better chance of the star upgrade working, but be warned if it doesnt work you may be starting all over again.
There is a set lvl each failure will take you back down depending on what lvl you are currently trying to get, but I don't know these values off hand.

workshop pt 5
Star Power
Be warned the higher the lvl you are going to, the higher the fail rate, and the bigger the penalty.
Thankfully Delicate and Flawless Gems are easy to get.

Materials (where to get)
Armour Scripts - Wheel Of fortune, NPC'S, or you can buy in the store.
Materials (iron ore, wood, etc.) - Wheel Of fortune, in-store , from NPC'S.
Gems - Wheel Of fortune, in-store, and NPC'S....lot's from NPC'S
I hope this makes sense to everyone



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