Friday, September 18, 2009

Scout guide for evony online game

In evony online game scouts are the fastest among all other types of troops. Scouts are mainly used for spying information from enemy city or valleys , but you can also send them for attacking your enemy.
If you want to scout a valley or enemy city , then go to the map mode , then click on the valley/city that you want to scout. Then click the scout button and in the troop selection window select the amount of scout for scouting mission. Beware , do not send any non-scout troops like archers, warriors etc along with scouts. They will simple not return. You won't get any information about them but all other types of troops will simply get wiped off except the scouts

In evony online game, when you are planning to attack a city or valley , you should always scout it first. If your scouts are successful in scouting the enemy, you will get all important information about the enemy like how much army they have , amount of wall defense, the no of building and their level and the amount of research they have done. Based on this scout report you can decide how much troops you need to send to successfully kill the enemy in this game.
The amount of information you get greatly depends on the level of informatics research that you have done and the number of scouts you send. Also some say that level of beacon tower and level of intelligence of the mayor increases the amount of information the scouts can gather in evony online game.
When you send scouts on a scouting mission and the enemy city gates are closed they won't be attacked by the enemy troops or the wall defense like Archer's tower, abatis , rolling logs etc. However, if the enemy city gates are open the scouts of (not any other kind of troops) the enemy city will fight with your scouts and try to kill them. If all your scouts are killed in fight then you won't get any information and your enemy will receive some honor point. So, it is advised that when you scout your enemy try to send as much scouts as possible. Another thing you should always do is to send your a hero along with the scouts. The scouts of the enemy city will always fight under the command of a hero , so they will have advantage over your scouts if you send your scouts without a hero. Also , you can avoid getting scouted by successfully if your create lot of scouts and keep you gates open. This way whenever anyone tries to scout you , their scouts will be killed by your scouts. In the evony online game when you are just out of beginner's protection most people does not have more than 1000 scouts, so if you create a little higher than 1000 scouts then no one will be able to scout you. As the game advances you should increase the amount of scouts and keep your gates open to prevent your enemy successfully scout on you. At very advanced stage , you must create at least 130,000 scouts. This is because , due to limitation of rally point , a player can send a maximum of 100,100 scouts from a level 10 rally point in this game. If he apply "war ensign"( which increases the capacity of sending troops by 25%) the he can send 125,000 scouts . This is the maximum amount of troops anyone can send in evony online game. Now, if you have more than 125,000 scouts in your city then all the enemy scouts will be killed. Of course , if your enemy has lots of scouts then he may send waves of 100,000 scouts repeatedly and will be able to scout your city successfully, but most players do not waste so much amount of resource and time just to scout a city.
You should not scout your neighbors too often as scouting is considered as an offense, a preparation before an actual attack. So , if you scout others very often then they will be offended and stronger player may even scout or attack you back. However, you should scout players with low prestige than you who is from enemy or
neutral alliance.
Some players also use scouts for attacking the enemy. Scouts have very low attack and defense. But due to high speed they can even bypass the archer towers if the enemy gates are open and attack the enemy troops residing in the city. But as they have very low attack you will have to send lots and lots of scouts to successfully kill all the enemy troops. This method the called as "Scout Bomb" technique. However , scout bomb will completely fail if the enemy city gates are closed. In that case scouts will try to attack the wall defense and will be very easily slaughtered.
Scouts are also very useful when you try to send your hero to another city of you. by rule you have to send at least one troop to send along with your hero. So, sending a scout along with the hero makes him reach the destination city(of your own) very fast.
Scouts are also very useful , when you have to send some resource to you allied member very fast. Though scouts can not bear a lot of resource, but due to their great speed they carry the resource and come back to your city very fast. You can again send them to carry some more resource to the friend city. This is extremely useful when the allied member city has no food left to feed their solders. At this situation the food needs to be carried there immediately.



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